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Think you might be pregnant?

Lots of emotions come with the possibility of pregnancy; joy, fear, excitement, dread. It all depends on your situation right now. Not knowing for sure if you’re pregnant or not can be stressful, regardless of your frame of mind. There are quite a few symptoms that can indicate pregnancy.

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¿Crees que puedes estar embarazada?

La posibilidad de un embarazo conlleva muchas emociones: alegría, miedo, excitación, temor. Todo depende de tu situación actual. No saber con certeza si estás embarazada o no puede ser estresante, independientemente de tu estado de ánimo. Hay bastantes síntomas que pueden indicar un embarazo.

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Our Services Go Beyond A Checklist

At Choices Clinic & Life Resource Center we value each of our clients, and additionally their overall well-being is a primary focus for each of our staff and volunteers. We never want someone to walk into one of our locations and leave feeling as though they were…

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