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Think you might be pregnant?

Lots of emotions come with the possibility of pregnancy; joy, fear, excitement, dread. It all depends on your situation right now. Not knowing for sure if you’re pregnant or not can be stressful, regardless of your frame of mind. There are quite a few symptoms that can indicate pregnancy.

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Our Services Go Beyond A Checklist

At Choices Clinic & Life Resource Center we value each of our clients, and additionally their overall well-being is a primary focus for each of our staff and volunteers. We never want someone to walk into one of our locations and leave feeling as though they were…

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Prenatal vitamins: do you really need to take them?

You might have wondered if you really need to take prenatal vitamins. The answer is YES! Prenatal vitamins have so many benefits and taking them is an easy way to help your baby develop and grow in a healthy manner. Why should you take a prenatal vitamin?

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