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You will get through this journey one step at a time. Our compassionate team is here to answer your questions and concerns along the way. We can come alongside you and help inform you about your options and more.


Taking In The News

It’s hard to support your partner if you skip taking in the news yourself. You might have mixed emotions for what’s to come. Before trying to comfort your partner, it’s best to process the news on your own or with someone you trust. Get clarity before trying to work out your partner’s emotions and thoughts as well.

What you do next is up to you, but know you have the power to choose to parent if you’d like. You also have the options of adoption and abortion. Your partner will ultimately have the final say when it comes to the pregnancy decision.

How Do You Support Your Partner?

Your partner is likely having similar emotions as you right now. Talk with your partner to see how she is doing, what she needs, and how you can support her during this difficult time. A listening ear is important for your partner, as you may be the only one supporting her.

Also try to give your partner time and space when she needs it. When the time is right, ask her what your next step together is. Decide to go through this journey as a team.

Free & Confidential Support

At Choices Clinic, we offer free and confidential pregnancy confirmation services and support so you can feel confident in your pregnancy journey.

Before making a final pregnancy decision, be sure to receive lab-quality grade pregnancy testing and ultrasound at our center today. Afterwards, we can assure you of your pregnancy details and your options moving forward.

We offer men’s support and services including STI testing and treatment, online classes for dads, and more.

Make a free and confidential appointment with us today to learn more.