Abortion Grief Recovery – Choice Clinic Life Resource Center

The post traumatic stress symptoms that can occur from abortion may appear immediately after the trauma of abortion, or may surface a number of years following the abortion. It is not necessary to be suffering from every one of these symptoms to be experiencing Post-Abortion Trauma. Below is a list of the emotional and psychological symptoms which impact many who have had an abortion:

Bouts of crying
Inability to forgive yourself
Intense grief/sadness
Emotional numbness
Sexual problems or promiscuity
Eating disorders
Lowered self esteem
Drug and alcohol abuse
Nightmares and sleep disturbances
Suicidal urges
Difficulty with relationships
Anxiety and panic attacks
Multiple abortions
Pattern of repeat crisis pregnancy
Discomfort around babies or pregnant women
Fear/ambivalence of pregnancy

If you’re suffering from any of these symptom due to an abortion, there is help available. Choices offers a free and completely confidential abortion grief recover class that can help. All books and materials are provided free of charge. For additional information about the study, please call 833-773-3001 or email us at agr@choicesclinic.net.