Our Services Go Beyond A Checklist – Choice Clinic Life Resource Center

At Choices Clinic & Life Resource Center we value each of our clients, and additionally their overall well-being is a primary focus for each of our staff and volunteers. We never want someone to walk into one of our locations and leave feeling as though they were treated like an item on someone else’s checklist. One thing that we hope to offer at Choices is a safe place to receive the needed resources and testing offered through our designated clinic services. We aim to create an atmosphere in which our clients feel welcomed, valued, and truly heard when discussing the circumstances and experiences that brought them to our location in the first place. Choices combines the connection of clinical services with material and educational resources that are available to our clients and community. Our clinic services specifically focus on the immediate needs of our clients through pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds, as well as STI testing and treatment. 

One thing that tends to be true for many of us is this: if there is a concern or suspicion about the physical health of our bodies, then the mental and emotional status of our lives tends to be put on hold until we have a clear picture about what our symptoms are communicating. If you have a throbbing headache you are likely to try to find a remedy for the pain prior to gaining the clarity needed to pin-point the exact reason the headache came on in the first place. Similarly, if we are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy or an STI, there may be an urgency to have someone confirm a test is positive or negative before being able to mentally plan for what life transitions may come following the results of the test. 

The staff and volunteers at Choices understand that the urgency of our physical status can often be the only thing our mind will focus on while under stress. Our hope is to be able to walk with our clients through those moments in life as a source of encouragement, safety, and love. We want to be there for you in the initial moments and would love to be a support system for you in the seasons to follow. We will sit beside you in the stages of watching to see if the two definitive lines appear on the pregnancy test and we will be fully present in the communication of the results of your STI testing. As those initial feelings rush over you following the communication of the results, we will stay and listen to your concerns, excitement, disappointments, and hopes. We want you to know what your resources are and to have access to necessary information required to make well-educated decisions. We want you to know that you have people that desire to support you in life as you navigate the hard seasons, and also to celebrate with you throughthe joyful moments and accomplishments gained through your hard work and dedication.

Choices Clinic and Life Resource Center is a place that aims to serve our community with intention and invest in our clients with love by communicating a sense of purpose for when we may be feeling defeated by life’s circumstances. Receiving news or results that could alter our original plans in life can feel overwhelming either in a positive manneror in a way that leaves us feeling isolated. Our hope is to be able to alleviate the feelings of having to walk through life alone and to make our office a place of peace to talk through the stressors that arise in life and to receive encouragement that goes beyond an unfamiliar “you can do it” from the lips of a stranger’s mouth. We want to buildrelationships with our clients through classes and peer counseling options that communicate the support and intentionality we all need not just by word but through action and consistency as well. 

You may be in a place in your life where you can relate to some of the situations or emotions described in the paragraphs above. We want you to know you do not have to navigate these circumstances and moments alone and that we are here for you. We’ll be right there beside you through the challenges and the achievements.