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Interested in learning more about Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs? We’ve got answers for you right here.

Through our clinic services, Choices offers several urine or swab based tests . This include
testing and treatment for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia which are two sexually transmitted
infections. Our office also provides a panel test for Bacterial Vaginosis, Urinary Tract Infections,
and Trichomonas, all of which we are able to treat pending positive results from the lab. Any
services provided through Choices Clinic are free and confidential. You just have to call or reach
out through our website to schedule an appointment!

If you are reading this blog post, maybe you have questions about risks or symptoms of
STI/STDs. Or maybe you are just browsing through our available resources. Either way, while
you are here, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions and details about Sexually
Transmitted Infections and Diseases.

Question 1: Am I at risk?

If you have had unprotected sex or engaged in sexual activities with multiple partners, you could
be at risk of an STI or STD. Exposure to a sexually transmitted infection can occur even with the
use of protective measures, such as a condom.

Question 2: Should I get tested?

If you are concerned about potential exposure to an STI, or think you may be experiencing
symptoms, scheduling an appointment to have a urine sample or swab run is a great first step in
ensuring your health. If the results reflect a positive infection level for any of our above
mentioned services, our office does provide a standing treatment plan during your follow-up
appointment. All testing services require a secondary appointment for results whether positive
or negative.

Question 3: Can I have an STI without symptoms?

There are many sexually transmitted infections that can be present with no symptoms, or that
may not present with symptoms for weeks, months, or even years. If you are concerned about a
previous exposure but have never shown any symptoms, scheduling for a STI test appointment
may be a good step in ensuring your own sexual health. A sexually transmitted infection left
untreated carries the potential to cause further issues and health problems.

Question 4: What are symptoms of common STIs and Bacterial Vaginosis?

*Choices only offers urine based and vaginal swab testing. For additional screening and testing
services please call our office at 833.773.3001 for local referrals in the community equipped to
run full panel blood testing.

STI/STD NameSymptomsCommon TreatmentTesting & Treatment at Choices?
Chlamydia-Pain/burning with urination -Women: abnormal vaginal discharge (commonly yellow in color) -Men: yellow/white penile discharge & pain/swelling in one or both testicles *Many cases present as asymptomatic-Oral antibiotics *Retesting three months post treatment is recommended to ensure infection is no longer presentYes
Gonorrhea-Pain/burning with urination -Women: vaginal discharge or bleeding -Men: yellow/white penile discharge & pain/swelling in one or both testicles (not as common) *Many cases present as asymptomatic-Antibiotics -Risk of reinfection is higher; strains of Gonorrhea may become resistant to treatment over time *Retesting three months post treatment is recommended to ensure infection is no longer presentYes
Trichomonas-Women: vaginal discharge, itching, burning, and redness are all common -Men: itching/irritation, burning after urination, and/or discharge are common *Many cases present as asymptomatic-Oral antibiotics -Reinfection rates can be common and lead to additional issues for both men and womenYes
Bacterial Vaginosis-Thin, white or gray vaginal discharge. -Pain, itching, or burning in the vagina. -Strong fish-like odor -Burning with urination.-Oral antibioticsYes

If you have reviewed the above information and think you may be at risk for a sexually transmitted infection, or would like to schedule an appointment for more information here are a few ways you can connect with our office:

  1. Call 833.773.3001 to make an appointment: our office hours are Monday-Thursday 9AM-6PM.
  2. Schedule through the website: if you go back to our main page at, there is a box at the top right of the screen that says “Make an Appointment”. You can click on the box and it will direct you to another page to fill out some basic information and the best method to be contacted by our office for scheduling purposes.
  3. You can come by the office at 775 S. Harbin Drive, and schedule an appointment in person. We cannot guarantee an appointment the same day, but will work to get you scheduled at the next available time.