New Year Brings a Renewal of Hope – Choice Clinic Life Resource Center

In preparing for a new year, many people may set goals for themselves such as beginning a new workout plan, setting healthy eating goals, or aspiring to travel to new places with loved ones. What we don’t typically work into our “New Year’s Resolutions” are the unexpected moments to come. There is not a day by day play book that we unwrap on the first day of the new year that highlights any celebrations, hardships, losses, or gains that will grace our journey in the next year. What we do enter the year with is a renewed sense of hope. Whether the previous year for you was the most joyful and uplifting year of your life, or if you experienced more hardships than you felt you knew what to do with– a chance to start fresh is welcomed by most if not all.

You may be walking into this year with your feet firmly planted on a foundation of hope, or you may be stepping in ever so cautiously to protect the hope that may feel more like a glass floor than a solid foundation. Wherever you are coming from, we want you to know that we are ready to meet you at that place in your life this year. If you find yourself in an unexpected or unplanned situation, our doors are always open to help you as you search for clarity in test results, seek out direction and resources in healthy boundaries or relationships, or for when you find yourself needing a space to process new information that has the potential to alter your plans in this season of your life. Our staff and volunteers are ready to listen to your words, to respond in love and grace, and to share with you the hope that keeps us steady in our own seasons of uncertainty. If you are walking into our offices with joy and excitement because the news you are looking forward to receiving is something that you have been hoping for, we are ready to celebrate that with you as well. To equip you with opportunities to learn and grow as you prepare for your next steps, and to reassure you in word and action when life may feel overwhelming or the to-do lists suddenly become too much.

Our hope for the seasons to come this year is to be faithful to love intentionally, to serve selflessly, and to be available to those in our communities that may need our services through the clinic as well as our time in our counseling rooms. We hope that you know that your life and your experiences are so much more than what goes into a file, but that your stories and needs are most valuable to us.