Abortion Pill Reversal – Choice Clinic Life Resource Center

The unthinkable has happened.

As you look down at the positive pregnancy test on the bathroom counter, a whirlwind of thoughts fills your mind.

“How will I tell my parents? They will be so disappointed.”

“I will have to drop out of college.”

“The life I had planned is over.”

Panic sets in as you are now faced with a crisis pregnancy.

Your first thought may be to have an abortion, thinking, “If I end the pregnancy, I can go back to my normal life. No one will ever have to know.”

You make an appointment at an abortion clinic to get the abortion pill.  

You are walking back to your vehicle from the abortion clinic, after taking the first abortion pill. It’s possible you may think that you’ve made a mistake and wish you hadn’t taken the pill.

Many women find themselves in this very situation. They feel immediate regret after starting the chemical abortion process, and helpless to stop it once it has begun.

But there is HOPE! You still have a choice. A second chance to choose LIFE!

Did you know that a chemical abortion can be reversed? It can through ABORTION PILL REVERSAL. Through the early administration of progesterone, the effects of the abortion pill can be reversed and the life of your child can be saved!

ABORTION PILL REVERSAL (APR) has saved over 4000 lives during the 10 years it has been available. There are over 1200 medical professionals in the APR network that are committed to offering this life-affirming treatment, some of which are right here in the Cross Timbers area!

You can find more information about the abortion pill reversal program at www.abortionpillreversal.com or call 877-558-0333.

The link below will take you to the APR website which has several testimonials of women that have successfully reversed their abortion.  


I invite you to explore the Choices Clinic ( www.choicesclinic.net ) and APR website to find out more information about ABORTION PILL REVERSAL.